-We sell our extensions per half head, One pack equals half a head, Two packs is a full head.

-Unless we have your colour in stock all extensions are 7-10 days delivery.We will contact you if there in stock otherwise please expect 10 day delivery, Thankyou.

Aceofspades hair extensions have been carefully chosen and tested before deciding to go ahead with this brand. All I ever wanted was to find amazing thick hair extensions top to bottom that last and don't go ratty after a couple of washes. We have all been there right? Right! So I decided I'm going to make my own brand , One I can trust & one I know everyone will be happy with.

I have been doing extensions for over 5 years now and I can happily say Aceofspades is the best hair I have ever come across and my clients will vouch for me.

When looking after your hair please make sure your using a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. I always suggest doing two shampoo's and one conditioner. If you are blonde and you like to use purple shampoo I recommend Fanola no yellow, But please use every second time you wash our hair as it can be damaging. Apply your normal shampoo in ur hand and a drop of fanola to dilute it slightly then apply to your extensions. This is just so you don't overtone & you can keep going until you find the right tone for you.

I hope you love the Aceofspades Range as much as myself and my clients.

Thankyou, Amber Colquhoun x.


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